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My husband Was Standing

Our Ultimate abode: Written by Naadira Chhipa  I sat in the car looking at the graves not far away from our parking space. My husba...

Our Ultimate abode:
Written by Naadira Chhipa 

I sat in the car looking at the graves not far away from our parking space. My husband was standing at a grave that lay under the shade of a tall palm tree. I stared at the sight before me...

A line of little raised heaps of sand, our ultimate abode. I thought to myself, these are not just heaps of sand. They were once people who perhaps lived in beautiful mansions, yet are now buried six feet underground.They were once people who had loving and caring families, yet are now alone.They were once people who worried and stressed over finances, marital issues, children, vacations, opinions of society and the world at large,  yet took nothing and nobody with them to their final abode.They were once people who had dreams of seeing, doing and being so much, yet are now decomposing six feet under.They were once people who slept on warm beds and ate deliciuos meals, yet are now deep inside a dark grave and their bodies become a meal to the insects crawling within the sand.

They were people who once had a name, yet are now nameless.They were people just like us.
As tears escaped my eyes I cried for myself, I cried for every sin I was not forgiven for.I cried for every Salaah I had missed, for every ibadaah I took for granted, for every person that I hurt, for every aayah of the Quraan I do not understand.I cried for my own heart, mind and soul as I know I am not ready to meet my creator.

I also noticed a grave that was dug up and ready for a body to enter into its depths of darkness.This empty grave sent shivers down my spine as I do not know if it is me or someone I love who will be placed into it.I also do not know if this grave will welcome me or curse me for entering into its darkness.

My lesson: Nothing and nobody in this world belongs to me.When I leave I will take nothing and nobody with me.Only my Creator is mine as I am his....for Allah is who I belong to and who I shall return to.My ever lasting relationship is only with my Creator.

May Allah illuminate our qabr (grave) with the eternal light from Jannah.May Allah forgive us and be happy with us at our time of departure from this temporary world.May the scent of Jannah comfort us and may the love of Allah accompany us to our ultimate abode.Ameen.- Naadira Chhipa