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Loving Your Wife

Book: The Pious Husband Az-zaujus Salih By Mujlisul Ulama South Africa Kindness Towards Women The Quran Majeed Commands:" Deal ...

Book: The Pious Husband
Az-zaujus Salih By Mujlisul Ulama South Africa
Kindness Towards Women
The Quran Majeed Commands:" Deal With Women Justified And Kindness.

If, Then You Dislike Them, Then It Is Possible That You Dislike Something While Allah Has Created Abundance Of Goodness in it ". ( Surah Nisa :19 )

This Quranic Aayat As Well As Other Verses And Ahadith Define Man's Role As The Ruler Of The Wife.

Arrogance And Harshness Have No Role In The Husband's Discharge Of His Duties in His Capacity As The Ruler,

Some Husbands, Unable To Tolerate The indiscreation Of Their Wives,

React A Fit Of Temper They Do Not Hesitate To Mishandle, Mishandle And Cruelly Assult Their Wives.

Rasool Allah PBUH Said: " Strength is Not By Overwhelming (an adversary) in combat, Verily, A Strong Man is One Who Controls His Nafs At The Time Of Anger. "

The Husband Must At All Times Remember That His Wife is Not His Property.

She is The Property Of Allah Talah. She Has Been Made Lawful To Man On The Name Of Allah Talah.
This Was The Declaration Announced By Rasool Allah PBUH On The Occasion Of Hajjatul Wida ( The Last Hajj ).

The Husband Should Now Reflect And Realize That He Has No Licence To Unleash The Fury Of His Temper On the Property Of Allah Talah.

He Has To Respect, Honour And Treasure The Amanat Which Allah Talah Has Awarded To Him For His Comfort, Peace And Rest In This Ephemeral Earthly Abode.

Rasool Allah PBUH Instructed The Husband: " The Mu'min (Husband) Should Not Harbour Enmity For His Wife. If He Dislikes Something In Her, Then Surely, He Will Be Pleased With Another Quality In Her ". ( Muslim )

Rasool Allah PBUH Said: " The Moumin With The Most Perfect Imaan Is One Who Has The Best Charecter And Who Is The Kindest To His Wife "

The Husband Has To Behave Honourably And Kindly Towards His Wife At All Times Not With Standing Her intransigence, Obstinacy And indiscreet Behaviour,

Rasool Allah PBUH Speaks Glowingly Of The Kind Hearted Husband He Said : " The Best Amongest You Are Those Who Are The Best To Their Wives ".

Kindness Towards The Wife is An Act Of Thawab (Reward) even To The Extent Of Placing A Morsel Of Food In Her Mouth, Overlooking Her Faults, Assisting Her in Home Duties, Giving Her Presents, Seeing To Her Needs In General, Refraining From imposing Unnecessary Demands And Duties On Her And Generally Showing Her A Happy And Cheerful Disposition Are All Meritorious Acts Of Reward Exhorted By Islam.

On The Occasion Of His Last Hajj Rasool Allah PBUH Commanded :  Be Kind To Women For Verily They Are Prisoners By You........ "

The Wife Is Fully Under The Jurisdiction And Control Of Her Husband. She is Entirely Dependent On Him. She Goes Out Of Her Way To Please Her Husband And See To His Needs And Comforts, It Therefore, Does Not Maltreating Her. It is Only A Cowardly Man, Lacking In Moral Excellence, Who Will ill-Treat His Wife And Ignore Rasool Allah PBUH's Command To Show Kindness And Love To His Wife.