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Halaal or Haraam - where lies the difference

All what is allowed, permissible, legal or considered lawful in Islam is said to be "Halaal" and what is not allowed, permissibl...

All what is allowed, permissible, legal or considered lawful in Islam is said to be "Halaal" and what is not allowed, permissible, legal or not considered lawful falls in the category of "Haraam". The Muslim of today does not discriminate/differentiate between the halaal and the haraam. He/she has forgotten to distinguish between halaal and haraam. In our country where corruption is very common people need to consider the fact that there must be some difference in the bread and butter that is earned by unlawful means then that earned by lawful means. If Allah almighty has given the order to read "takbeer" while slaughtering the chicken, then there might be some reason for that. It can lead to some positive aspect/influence. The point to ponder is that does the chicken meat changes after reading "takbeer" while slaughtering it? No, it does not. Then there must be some logic for that Allah has given the order which we fail to understand.

For the understanding of halaal and haraam I would like to mention "Bano Qudsia's" theory of Gene mutation. According to her theory, the money earned through illegal means affects a person's personality (for the worse), and that part of this personality then gets transferred via hereditary genes to the next generation. She manages to convince that the pursuance of Haraam, be it financial, moral or emotional, results in the deterioration of a person's normality, in some sense. She seems to suggest that the abnormality is transferred genetically to the next generation. The next generations can be blind, deaf, dumb or hopeless. Since, it is proven that diseases or illnesses can be inherited, they can travel from one generation to the other. Then why can't the influence of halaal or haraam get transferred to the upcoming generations? Why can't the intake of food that is earned by unlawful means lead to the deterioration of the next-generation's normality?

The concept of halaal and haraam is very vast. We cannot just restrict is till food. We need to implement it and make people aware of its benefits in the long run. By the implementation of halaal and haraam laws not only Muslims but non-Muslims can also benefit. Although there is the possibility of them availing benefits but till a limited extend.

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*M Junaid Tahir