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The Great Benefits of Miswaak

Forgotten sunnah of miswak - Lots of benefits - سُبْحَانَ اللّهُ MISWAK / SIWAK (Salvadora Persica) 1. Antibacterial properties Studi...

Forgotten sunnah of miswak - Lots of benefits - سُبْحَانَ اللّهُ

MISWAK / SIWAK (Salvadora Persica)
1. Antibacterial properties
Studies have indicated that Salvadora persica contain substances that possess plaque inhibiting and antibacterial properties against several types of cariogenic bacteria which are frequently found in the oral cavity. The growth and acid production of these bacteria is thus inhibited. Al Lafi and Ababneh tested the antibacterial activity of Salvadora persica against some oral aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and reported that the extract of these sticks had a drastic effect on the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, and a variable effect on other bacterial species. They commented that the chewing sticks they used were harvested one month earlier, and suggested that using more fresh sticks will give better result. Almas et al tested fresh vs. one- month-old Miswak extracts for antibacterial activity and found no difference. A comparison of alcohol and aqueous extract of Miswak was also
made. It was found that alcoholic extract is more effective than aqueous extract for antibacterial activity.

2. Antimycotic activity
Results of the investigation carried by Al- Bagieh et al14 suggest that aqueous extracts of Miswak could be used to reduce growth of Candida albicans. Such inhibition lasts for up to 36/h at concentrations of 15% and above.

3. Release of calcium and chloride into saliva 
Gazi et al investigated the immediate and medium-term effect of Miswak on the composition of mixed saliva. They reported that Miswak produced significant increases in calcium (22-fold) and chloride (6-fold), and significant decreases in phosphate and pH. Calcium saturation of saliva inhibits demineralization and promotes remineralization of tooth enamel
whereas high concentrations of chloride inhibit calculus formation.

4. Analgesic effect
Mansour et al studied the analgesic effect of Miswak decoction when injected to mice. They found that Miswak was more effective against thermal stimuli than against chemical stimuli. Should the analgesic effect of Miswak be confirmed in clinical dental pain, e.g. superficial pain due to dental hypersensitivity to thermal, tactile, or to chemical stimuli, Miswak will be of practical value.

5. Cytotoxicity
Mohammad et al investigated the cytotoxic potential of Salvadora persica on gingiva and other periodontal structures using the agar overlay method. Results showed no cytotoxic effect by a freshly cut and freshly used Miswak. However, the same plant used for after 24 hours does contain harmful components. Based on these findings they recommend cutting the used portion of the Miswak after it has been used for one day and preparing a fresh part. The cytotoxicity in this study became evident only after 24 hours because the agar overlay method depends on the diffusion of the medicament through the agar material. In addition, it did not provide direct contact between the cells and the tested

6. Other pharmacological properties
Miswak was reported to have anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic activities beside the astringent and
detergent effect.

Uses of Miswak for Therapeutic Purposes
Whenever Miswak is used, both the teeth and the tongue are cleaned. It has also been used to treat toothache. Miswak has various therapeutic uses, such as reputed benefits from the juice of the stick extracted on chewing (antibacterial extracts) and its functional aspects of chewing as a jaw exerciser following traumatic injuries to the jaw and temporomandibular joint, as well as a Sialogogue - a reflex induction of copious saliva - which is beneficial to the oral hygiene and general health. Miswak is often used to prevent oral habits such as smoking in adults and thumb sucking in children. It can also be used in the development of dentition during eruption. It may improve appetite and regulate peristaltic movements of the gastrointestinal track

Therapeutic applications of Miswak1. Toothpaste
Some of the known commercial toothpaste produced from Salvadora persica plant are: Sarkan toothpaste®, UK, Quali-Meswak tooth- paste®, Switzerland, Epident toothpaste®, Egypt, Siwak- F®toothpaste, Indonesia. Fluoroswak,® Miswak,® Pakistan.1 Dentacare Miswak Plus,® Saudi Arabia.
2. Mouthwashes
Mostafa et al found a reduction in plaque formation by Miswak-based mouthwash. But no such preparation presently exists in the market.
3: SticksUsage of Miswak stick is the best way to get maximum benefit. Fresh miswak sticks are easy to use, carry and dispose.