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Story of Umme Salama Radhiallahu Anha

​ She has all the rights to call as Mother of Believers (radhiallahu Anha), If we look on her Biography it will really amazing how...

She has all the rights to call as Mother of Believers (radhiallahu Anha), If we look on her Biography it will really amazing how she (radhiallahu Anha) bear all trails and tribulation with patience hoping reward from Allah, I think sisters have a very good example in her to be steadfast on the religion of Allah during trails and eventually Allah will raise her to a great position as we will see in the case of our mother (Umm Salama Radhaillahu Anha).

Umm Salama (Radhiallahu Anha) was from famous tribe Banu Mahkhzum, she accepted Islam very early along with her husband Abu Salama (Salama is they child name), due to atrocity on Muslims by Makkan disbelievers, ' Rasool Allah (sallalhualihuwa sallam) granted permission to migrate Madina.

Describing her migration, Umm Salama said: "we leave for Medina along with our son (salama), after some distance passed, some men from my tribe followed us and stopped us and said to my husband "you are free to go but we will not allow to take our daughter and they snatched me away from my husband, Some men from my husband tribe saw them taking both me and my child and became hot with rage: "No, by Allah!' They shouted. 'We shall not abandon the boy. He is our son and we have a rightful claim over him.' So they took him by his arm and pulled him away from me. Suddenly, in the space of a few minutes, I found myself all alone.

I went out at noon every day and sat at the spot where this tragedy had occurred. I would remember those terrifying moments and weep until nightfall, 'it's continued like this for a year until a man from Banu Ummya tribe intervened and soften my tribe to allow me to go Madina, and some man soften the heart of my husband tribe to allow my son to go with me to Madina.

Umm Salama (Radhallahu Anha) spend years in Madina until her husband Abu Salama got martyred after Uhud Battle, it is after the waiting period finish Rasool Allah (salllahu alihuwa sallam) married her and thus she came to known as mother of believers.

She was honor to see Jibril Alihusallam who came in human form of a man known as Dihya al Khalbi and held conversation with prophet sallahu alihuwa sallam, 'She died in 61 AH, at the age of eighty four, may Allah be pleased with her. Abu Hurairah performed her funeral prayer.

Indeed sisters have a good example in they mother (umm salama radhiallahu anha), any difficult situation you go through then remember umm salama radhiallahu anha and be steadfast on Islam, Verily along with every hardship is relief.

A dire need of Allah's Mercy (shaik sadik)