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Scientific Research on Music

We always feel very relax sometimes very exciting while listening music we feel that music leaves very light effects o...

We always feel very relax sometimes very exciting while listening music we feel that music leaves very light effects on us which gives us pleasure. And this is the reason that we often listening music whenever we are tense want to relax or when ever we feel boring, even that we celebrate with our pleasures with music. Music makes an image in our minds that “it’s something which can provide us physical mental rest”.
Now we see by some scientific evidences that up to what extent these “hypothesis” are valid. In this respect there are two major changes which are observed in a person during listening music by different scientists. These changes there detail is as follows:

1.      Release of Adrenaline:
The first thing which is discovered in latest research is that, while listening music “adrenaline” is released in human body in high quantity. Adrenaline is a hormone which is released in human body under stress conditions. in normal situation very low quantity of this hormone is released.

It is discovered that adrenaline release constantly during listening music this release of adrenaline cause restlessness insomnia in the body. Along with it there are many adverse effects of the adrenaline release in high quantities.
The first hypothesis that “music relaxes the man” has been rejected by the excessive release of adrenaline.

2.     Harm to nerves:
A very famous doctor Born Alder of the Columbia University America took an experiment on the 15-20 year old girls he found that “The best melodious record of music can badly harm the nerves of the human body “ he also encode that these effects enhance in the summer season also increases with time. These nerve disorders also result in the anger, depression, and restlessness in many behavioral disorders which is common in our society.

3. Effect of low music on body:
It was also observed during this research that “music technicians most of the time are not in their senses”. Although it has seen that most of the time they use low sounds of music. But it has been seen during the search since last year that “these low voice music directly effect on the receptors of the body usually they effect on the Barr receptor, which are sensitive for pressure.”  

  4. Effect on Limbic system:
It was observed that while listening music limbic system which control the emotions first activate slightly. And this slight activation of limbic system creates pleasure. But it is also observed that constant listening of music activate limbic system more adversely this result in the anger depression.

5.     Effect of music during driving:
In Jan 2000 Sosuns Click from America observed that “those drivers which listen music while driving respond after 0.12 second.”  In his research he took 10 to 18 years old girls; he gave them a road in which various sign boards are posted. On this track first he allow them to drive without music then to drive with music. a difference of 0.12 seconds was observed. Sosuns states that “this difference is the difference of life death”
It was also observed that while listening music drivers completely ignore the side traffic and it accidents happened.

6.     Effect on fetus: 
The adverse effects of music also occur on the fetus (unborn baby). this effect is due to the sound waves of music.

7.     Effect on Child:
The person who listen music in their childhood can’t develop the study language skills. it has seen that these people confuse many sounds slowly these effects results in deafness.

8.     Effect on listening:
We measure music sounds in Pascal a 120 Pascal voice is consider as “noise” in the music concerts this voice exceed 120 Pascal. This at the end slowly leads to deafness.

9. Hypnotisms:
It has also been seen that the children are hypnotized by the music. And sometimes they suddenly start dancing while music played although they don’t understand the songs.

10. Development of Animal instinct:
It is also find out in these researches on music that “music develops animal instinct in human”
There are three basic animal instincts:
a.     They don’t wear cloths.
b.    They eat food while standing.
c.    They are busy in searching out of their partners for sexual gratification.
And we see that in our very social civilized societies these three animal instincts are very common in those people which used to listening music very frequently.