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Islamic Wisdom: Do I really know what is Halal and what is Haram?

I have observed that the concept of Halal and Haram in these days has been limited to eating & drinking habits only . If a person is sta...

I have observed that the concept of Halal and Haram in these days has been limited to eating & drinking habits only . If a person is staying away from Wine and pork, he/she thinks that he is living a Halal life.  Indeed this is an indication of very limited understanding of the concept of Halaal Haraam. Specially, considering the fact that Islam is a complete way of living and it has defined Halal (allowed/permissible) and Haram (Forbidden) things for every chapter of life, still Muslims take least interest in learning about it in detail. So I insist that it is the need of the hour that we understand the concept in detail and start living an all-positive life. After reading this article, Insha'Allah you will be convinced that Halal acts can bring harmony, peace and happiness in our lives and consequently on earth; whereas Haram acts will definitely result distraction, embarrassment and restlessness on planet. Results of Haram will not only be shown in this world but the person will have to suffer on the day of Judgment as well.


So in brief, I would like to draw your attention on the following categories:


1.     Earning: Stay away from Haram earning such as a) Not working for the time you are being paid for b) Not giving your honest efforts to your work  c) Earning through bribery & other fraud d) Earning by lying or deceiving e) Earning by depriving someone from his/her Rights.  

2.    Eating: Eating something which is not allowed in Islam (Pork, wine etc). For further details please do consult Islamic websites and forums.

3.    Manners: Stay away from Haram acts. For example, The respect (Izzat), Wealth and life of any Muslim is Haram on you. that means you are not allowed to put his/her respect on stake, take anything from his property/money etc or kill any innocent life. Similarly, it is not allowed to misbehave, disrespect, back-bite another human.

4.    Spending: Spending on evil acts such as gambling is forbidden.


There are several other acts which needs to be learnt through Quran and Sunnah and it is over obligatory duty to not only learn but teach our families and friends. Further, it is highly recommended to spread whatever good you know.


Conclusion: Islam is a complete religion, which has defined the borders for Halal and Haram (Haraam) in all departments of life. It is  indeed our fault that we do not learn Islam and the agony is that we try to conclude things about our religion based on our limited knowledge. We must abstain from such acts !


In the age of internet, knowledge is available at a distance of few mouse clicks, it's our fault that we do not invest our time and efforts to learn our religion. Just think, how many Islamic articles you read in the last one month? Is this the level of love we have for our Lord? Always remember that the currency of Life-After-Death is Hasanat so always endeavor to earn as much as you can.

Another point to remember is that modesty and purity in our deeds are the most important ingredients of our actions. The earning of Hasanat is directly proportional to the level of purity of our intensions. We can only achieve purity in our deeds if we stay away from Haram and strongly stick to Halal. 


Being a common Muslim, I have written this generic article to draw the attention towards this critical subject. However, I would request you to consult authentic Islamic Forums such as  for learning more and more. You can even ask questions to the group of scholars and unleash your brain to the new horizons of Islam.

Prayers requested for me. Jazak'Allah.


0031-mjunaidtahir-paradigmwisdom-28Mar12- Muslim Article: Do I really know what is Halal and what is Haram?