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Allah's Name: Al-Hayy

Meaning : The Alive. In Quran : “And rely on the ever-Living Who never dies“ (Quran, 25:58). Description : ...

Meaning :

The Alive.

In Quran :

“And rely on the ever-Living Who never dies“ (Quran, 25:58).
Description :
Life is the antithesis of death. Allah brings life back to a “dead“ land: He causes vegetation to grow in it; He brings it life through rain.

When we discuss it as an Attribute of the Almighty, it means that He is the ever-Living Who is self-Sustaining since time immemorial and will continue to be so forever. Every living being besides Him is not alive on its own; it does not by itself sustain its life; rather, its life is sustained by al-Hayy. Al-Hayy never dies. The Holy Quran states the following in Surat al-Zumar: “Surely you shall die, and so shall they“ (Quran, 39:30).

Al-Hayy is the Doer, the Aware; any deed without an origin or awareness is dead. The least degrees of awareness is awareness of one‘s own self. Anything which is not aware by itself is a dead inanimate object. Allah is the Absolute Living One, and everyone and everything that live besides Him is alive according to the extent of its awareness.

Anas ibn Malik has said, “I was once sitting with the Messenger of Allah
Peace Be Upon Him
in our circle when a man was still performing his prayers. After having bowed down, prostrated and made the tashahhud, he supplicated to his Lord saying, `Lord! I plead to You by the very fact that to You is all Praise due; there is no god but You; You are the One Who gives without reminding the takers, Who created the heavens and the earth; O You Who has all the Honor and all the Glory! O ever-Living One, O Sustainer! I plead to You...‘
whereupon the Prophet said, `He surely has invoked Allah by His Greatest Attribute: He answers favorably when He is asked thereby, and He gives when invoked.‘“

Al-Mumeet causes your heart to die when you fail to remember Him, and your soul to die when you continuously permit yourself to slip away from His right path, and your mind to die when you permit your desires to take control of you. Al-Muhyi brings life to the hearts of those who know and who willingly submit to Him, while al-Mumeet causes the [spiritual] death of those who go against His will.

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