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Hazrat Luqman's (Alaihe Salam) advice for his son

Are we giving these advices to our sons and daughters? Analyze yourself. If not start doing it from TODAY.   Hazrat Luqman AS, o...

Are we giving these advices to our sons and daughters? Analyze yourself. If not start doing it from TODAY.


Hazrat Luqman AS, one of Allah's messengers gave some precious piece of advise to 
his son, for successful living in the world here and hereafter. The 10 guidelines he gave to his son are words of wisdom, which if followed even today, enable us to live a happy, peaceful and successful life. Practice these guidelines, make them part of your character and enjoy a very prosperous life: -

1.             Hazrat Luqman AS told his son "Join not in worship others with Allaah. Truly, joining others in worship with Allaah is the greatest injustice and oppression indeed."

2.             He reminded his son that Allah has "enjoined on man to be dutiful and good to his parents. His mother bore him upon weakness and hardship". The total dependence of infants on their mothers is for two years. He also guides not to follow nonbeliever parents but treat them with kindness.

3.            Hazrat Luqman AS, tells his son that Allah's Knowledge is so perfect that the existence of anything, big or small, is acknowledged and controlled by Him. "If it be equal to the weight of a grain of mustard seed, and tough it be as a rock, or in the Heavens or the earth, Allah will bring it forth. Certainly Allah is subtle in bringing out that grain, well aware of its place". He reminds his son about Allah's absolute control over His kingdom. Such might and power must not be challenged or ignored by anyone.

4.          Another great advice by Hazrat Luqman AS to his son is to establishregular prayer, on time and with the best possible performance. He said "O my son! Offer prayer perfectly." Prayer is the direct connection between a Human being and his Creator. Parents must take great care to teach and call upon their children to establish prayer.

5.              Hazrat Luqman AS advises his son to "enjoin (people) for good, and forbid from evil". If every Muslim observe this duty , then evil and mischief will have no place in Human being society.

6.              After the useful advice he offered his son, Hazrat Luqman AS recommended patience in implementing them, and in all matters of life. "Bear with patience whatever befalls you. For sure, these are some of the important commandments ordered by Allah with no exemption". Because patience is a righteous act ordered, and rewarded by Allah.

7.              Arrogance is an attribute of Allah alone and not for man. The Creator and Owner of the universe is the only One who deserves to be Arrogant. Allah warns arrogant people with punishment in Hellfire. Hazrat Luqman AS said  "And turn not your face away from men with pride."

8.              To be moderate is a great attitude anyone can possess. Hazrat Luqman advised his son "Do not walk in insolence through the earth. For sure Allah likes not each arrogant boaster." Remember Allah does not like that man is arrogant and proud of themselves.

9.              To be moderate in walking and talking is also one of Hazrat Luqman AS's advises to his son. "And be moderate (or show no insolence) in walking." Every divine religion offers a code of conduct for life but Islam offers comprehensive guidelines in this regard that will produce the best behavior and generate respect in mankind.

10.           Hazrat Luqman AS reminds his son that being harsh while talking will liken his voice to the braying of a donkey. Shouting does not win hearts, rather, it will offend and alienate people. "And lower your voice. Truly, the harshest of all voices is the voice (braying] of an ass!!"

Luqman shows great wisdom in his advice to his son. If Muslims parents take his example, and have their children implement these advises, then by Allah's permission our Ummah will be succeed in all walks of life.
(Jazak Allah Khair)