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Count Them One By One

There are things in life you don't forget even after years and years. I am sure you would have several memories from the past which ar...

There are things in life you don't forget even after years and years. I am sure you would have several memories from the past which are still vivid in your mind.  Just like that, I too have several things but today I want to share with you one thing. This is related to my visit to my aunts' village (Khohar- Punjab) during my teen age where I saw one wall hanging calendar having these superb lines.


When your head is on the pillow

And the day is almost done

Count God's Blessings

Count them one by one


Let us try to understand this concept further by listing down some of the major blessings which have been and being showered by God to each one of us. Also let us audit ourselves on how often we are thankful to God for these blessings.


So if we ponder to list down the blessing, we have so many major categories like Social blessings, Family Relations blessings, Financial Blessings, Professional Blessing, Mental & Spiritual Blessing, Educational Blessings, Environmental, Eating, sleeping, communications skills, speaking and so on. If I start analyzing each category, I will end up with so many sub-categories which will lead me writing a complete book on the subject. So Just to give you an idea on how to go deep into this concept, let us take example of our eyes.


God has given us eyes to look… First of all, the size, color, shape and performance factors are to be considered. What could we do if size or color or shape was not in the right way? The eyes are with us since our birth. If you are 30 years of age, you have been using this blessing for the last 30*365*24 = 46,800 hours. Whatever you have achieved in your life its because of the presence of your eyes…. You were able to read, watch & get education.  How often you have been really thankful to God for this? When something wrong happens to our eyes we go to hospital and pay the charges but have we ever  thought that God has never sent us the bill for this service which we are using for thousands & thousands of hours. God forbid, if your eyes don't work for 12 hours, your life will be miserable, indeed miserable!


The above example is for one of the countless blessings and free services of Lord which we are enjoying every second of your life. So its extremely important for us to be thankful to Lord. Now the question rises, how to be thankful? The answer is to remember the Lord whenever possible and as much as we can. From spiritual & mental perspective its very good for the soul and brain to think about blessings as it will give us the sense of possession of things which will result in peace of heart, mind and soul. Another way to be thankful to God is by supporting His people who are less blessed. For example, taking care of widows on monthly basis, taking responsibility of education of child(ren), giving charity to Hospitals / Orphan houses on monthly basis by allocating 3-5% of your monthly salary and contributing to several other causes.


Last paragraph for Muslims Only: Allah says in Quran that La-in-Shakar-tum La-Azeedanna-kum wa-la-in kafartum inna azabi la-shadeed. (If you are thankful to Me, I shall give you More…) This is a very powerful tip for all muslims on how to seek Allah's blessings more and more so it is extremely important to remember Allah as much as we can to have peace of mind. We must make it habit to do tasbeeh of Alhamdolillah and subhanAllah every night and ponder about Allah's blessings. We must encourage & remind each one of our family members to start this practice and do it for the rest of our life. May Allah include us in in the group of Shakereen. Ameen. This article is written by Junaid (mjunaidtahir at gmail dot com). Feel free to give feedback

M Junaid Tahir

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