Iran is slated to unveil the world's first Qur'an etched in stone which has been created by a veteran craftsman over the past 31 months.

Seyyed Hossein Pourrazavi has hewn the entire holy book with the naked eye and is planning to unveil his masterpiece in the holy month of Ramadan.

"An art collector has purchased the unique piece for nearly USD 50,000," Pourrazavi told CHTN.

The artist who has been working as a master calligrapher of Nasta'liq and Thuluth styles, is known for his artistic rendering of holy texts on stone and tree leaves.

"I have etched many Islamic prayers on pieces of stone smaller than 10 centimeters," said Pourrazavi adding "I also adorn stones with Qur'anic verses etched in Nasta'liq and Thuluth."

The veteran artist said he had created Elm leaf manuscripts of parts of the Qur'an and had plans to write down the entire book on tree leaves.

Iran also unveiled the world's most exquisite manuscript of the holy Qur'an in 2008.

The 600-page Qur'an was transcribed by prominent calligrapher, Zeinolabedin Qazvini, and was illuminated by some 35 artists during the reign of Fathali Shah (19th century king of the Qajar dynasty).

The book is adorned with 600 kinds of illuminations and it took the artists about two years to decorate the cover of the Qur'an with different colors and 24 types of gold




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