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Story: My Father Died

"Four years ago, my father suddenly had a heart attack. He passed away. I was in school when my mother called me and gave me this new...

"Four years ago, my father suddenly had a heart attack. He passed away. I was in school when my mother called me and gave me this news. I started trembling and rushed back home. We took him to his village. The feeling when I put my father's body in the grave is one that I can't explain. Me and my brothers kept crying and pleading to Allah to make a miracle happen and we get him back but we couldn't. 

My mother, my inspiration, my reason to smile, took us back to the city on the fifth day after baba's death. A young wife because of early marriage, whose husband just died and she wasn't even out of that trauma, was ready to take us back to the world and face reality - her strength was astounding. She didnt have the responsibility of just one child but four children, including a daughter who was just 10 years old and her dad's favorite.

It was a hard day at school, when we went back after a week. Everyone came to say Fatiha for Baba. Every now and then all those happy moments spent with baba came in my mind and I used to cry but not in front of my mother because I knew we were the reason why she came back and was being strong. There were times when I used to see my siblings crying in separate rooms but all I used to do was pray to Allah to give them patience. There were times when we had financial problems and my mother used to go into depression. We lost support from paternal side and all we had was our maternal grand-father and mother and khalas who helped us during this period.

Today, Alhumdulillah we are well settled, very happy and I'm completing my engineering. We still miss Baba of course.

The reason why I shared my story is that today when I see people who talk to their parents in such a bad manner and especially people who lost hope after the death of a parent; it kills me. You have to find an inspiration and get back on your feet and make your parents proud because they are watching you. And those who are rude to their parents, you will realize it when your children will talk to you the same way. You waste precious time now and you will regret this later.

My message to all of you is that no matter how many Chachus, phuppos, khalas you have but when either one of your parent dies (God forbid), you get to know the reality of the world. Then, none of your relations stand up for you. No phuppo or khala will wake up early to prepare you lunch, no chachu or mamu will drop you to school or give you money every month for your friend's birthday parties, etc. So people, respect your parents. They are a blessing in this world and world Hereafter. No matter how many friends you make, none of them can replace your parent. Even if it's one parent, take care of him/her. They are the pathway to Jannah. Please be kind to them and make an oath today that you will make them proud one day and you will always stand beside them. Remember, parents are irreplaceable."