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Envy is the Disease of the Heart

Sometime we don’t like a person because he/ she has that thing which we want to have but we don’t have. Because of the possession of tha...

Sometime we don’t like a person because he/ she has that thing which we want to have but we don’t have. Because of the possession of that man we feel unhappy and sometime we just want to slap that man. We find the ways to snatch that possession from that man. It is basically jealousy which is a very harmful disease of the heart. Because of this disease the man lost his satisfaction and his heart burns in the fire of envy. Jealousy is most harmful and destructive feelings again the other man. Jealousy creates the feelings of hate in the heart for other person. The word “Hasad” is used in Arabic for jealousy. Why jealousy comes in the heart of someone? It’s the basic questions. There can be many causes of envy.

The causes of envy can be:-
• Enmity: - When someone has enmity with someone and can’t see good thing regarding that person.
• Fear: - When a person have the fear that this thing will have that person and I will not have it he feels jealous.
• Ambition: - It hurts a person to see someone else ahead or above him/her.
• Pride: - When a person is proud he cannot tolerate the superiority of someone and he/she feels jealousy.
• Desire: - A desire of having something which the other one has. And the desire does not full fill he/she feels jealousy.
• Evil nature:- Some people have the nature that they cannot tolerate good happenings with others.

What does Quran E Hakeem say about envy?

“Or, are they jealous of the people for what Allah has bestowed upon them out of His grace?”

At another place it is said in Surah E Nisa that:-

“Covet not that by which Allah has preferred some of you over the others. For men is a share from what they earn, and for women a share from what they earn. Ask Allah of His bounty. Verily, Allah is Aware of all things”.

What does Ahadith say about envy?

It is said by Holy Prophet (PBUH) that:-

“Beware of envy because indeed envy destroys good deeds in the same manner as fire destroys wood”.

There is another Hadith about envy is:-

“Beware! Don't be enemy of blessings of Allah (SWT). (He was asked: Oh Prophet of Allah (SWT) "who are those who keep enmity with the blessings of Allah (SWT)?" The Prophet of Allah (SWT) replied: "Those who are envious.

These Ahadith and verses show that jealousy is a worst disease. The jealous person always remains sick. It is a poison which gives pain only to that person who fells jealousy. The end of jealousy is only grief. The person who feels jealousy remains unhappy all the time. The sins of the jealous person become double. If we have envy in our hearts we should avoid it. May Allah give us strengths to avoid this sin and to become an ideal Muslim (Amen).

Source: Islamicencyclopedia