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The Tube Lights

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Junaid Tahir < > Date: 9 February 2014 11:20 Subject: The Tu...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Junaid Tahir <>
Date: 9 February 2014 11:20
Subject: The Tube Lights

Having recently moved to a new home, I’m still in the process of ‘exploring’ the house and I usually find many things that require maintenance or updating. However, that doesn’t mean everything in there is in need of a change, but sometimes it can lack that personal touch which transforms a house into a home.

Saying that, many things are fine but over the weeks or months they require replacing as they’ve come to the end of their life cycle.

Anyways, I noticed, especially in the winter, that many of the lights at the exterior of the house were not working. I thought I’d get these done a little later as some of them needed a ladder and changing.

Whilst I was delaying these, another tube light started giving up on me. I went down one evening into the kitchen and ‘flicked’ the switch on hoping to be showered with some light. To my disappointment, the light came on for  second and then went off, it then came on again and went off… This cycle of coming on and going off never ended until I had to give in and switch the light off again.


So what’s all this about a tube light you may ask? Well it got me thinking about spiritual enlightenment.

Like the lights in our house, our hearts also require regular maintenance. Without the lights in our house we can end up walking into furniture and other items of our house; we could end up at the wrong destination.

In the same manner the light within our heart requires regular maintained. Without it we could walk into all kinds of troubles, trials and tribulations. To the extent that we could be walking in the complete opposite direction of our intended destination.

The spiritual body is very delicate and it requires a lot of nurturing and attention. Any neglect from our behalf could leave our lives in darkness and destruction.

May God give us all the inclination and understanding to keep our hearts enlightened through His remembrance. May He guide us through this divine light so that we can reach our destination in this world and the Hereafter.