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How Can I Improve Myself

K. N. Ahsan Need some help calling yourself to account for the new year? Here's a personal inventory for setting goals, changing bad...

K. N. Ahsan

Need some help calling yourself to account for the new year? Here's a personal inventory for setting goals, changing bad habits, and keeping your deen on track!

You'll need to ask yourself some tough questions. Get started here!

The Quran

Can I correctly translate the first Surah— Al-Fatiha? 

The Book of ALLAH azza wajal has 6,326 ayaat, or signs. How many ayaat can I translate into my own mother tongue? If I can translate 63 ayaat, then I know only one percent of the Quran. 

(The Quran, teaches us, step by step, how to live our day to day lives, but many of us don't even know one percent of Quran. Understanding the Quran is an urgent necessity. Why? Because knowing where you stand will help you continue learning.)

The Purpose of Life

Did I come into this world by my own choice? 

Do I know what will happen on the last day of my life? 

Do I know the purpose of my own Muslim life? 

What benefit am I giving to my religion, Islam? 

 Conveying the Message

Do I know whether propagating Islam to others is necessary? 

Is my profession helping people come close to Allah (swt)? 

Did I distribute QURAN and/or the story of the life of our prophet (saws) to those who don't yet know it?

People of other religion are living and dying without Islam. Who is responsible for them? 

Money and Time

How much wealth did I earn this year? 

How much did I spend on my annual vacation? 

How much did I spend on my children's school, university, marriages?

What is the cost of the Islamic books I have in my home? 

How many Islamic libraries I can buy for others, with my present  income? 

Our mother Aisha (ra) says, I had to borrow some oil from my neighbor to light the oil-lantern.   Even the armor of the Prophet (saws) was mortgaged to a Jew for some barley during the last breaths of our greatest model. What is the moral for us?


What is the cost of the television and sound system I have in my home? 

How much have I spent on my new mobiles? 

What is the cost of the clothing, jewelry, buildings, and cars I own? 

What is the cost of the property I am so energetically constructing?

What do I have to leave for my children's future?  Will my children have money to use for the propagation and teaching of Islam?

Following Islam

Of course, I know many of the commands of Allah (swt).  How many of these am I following? Am I praying all five salah with understanding? 

Am I doing this every day, week, month, year?  

News, Sports, and Politics

How many hours did I spend this year talking on these subjects, with my friends and in front of the TV?  Did our prophet (saws) or his companions spend time on these topics?  

Tawbah, Tawbah, and Tawbah:  Return to the Sahaba's Way

We Muslims must learn to live as slaves to Allah (swt) like the great companions of Rasool (saws).  Can we?  The moral of this message is:  read Quran and the life of prophet Mohammad (saws), understand the Quran, practice the Quran, and share the Quran with many individuals and families.

On the day of judgment, in front of the real, original, one king Allah ar-rahman ar-raheem, all these people will give witness that yes, so-and-so gave us the Quran.

Today please decide yourself: what did Allah azza wajal give me and how much of it did I invest in my akherah?  How much did I invest in this world only?

How best can I improve myself for Jannah?